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Helmut started his education at Queen’s University where he received his bachelors of science degree in Life Sciences. Following university Dr. Kellen entered post graduate studies at National University of Health Sciences where he achieved a 2nd bachelors of science degree in human biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Working in a clinical setting in the Don Mills community since 2004 and traveling to northern Ontario to provide patient care to the mining community provided and still provides invaluable experience and as Helmut has seen a diverse and broad patient base. In 2007 pursuing further education, Helmut entered the chiropody program at the Michener Institute. Graduating in 2009 he became one of the only professionals to hold a dual registration in both chiropractic and chiropody. Having dual designations allows for a unique perspective on patient care and a more comprehensive examination and treatment. Dr. Kellen has worked in various clinical settings and has worked various fields within both chiropractic and chiropody. Helmut has always endeavoured to expand his knowledge for the purpose of improved patient care. In addition to his formal education Helmut has also pursued certification in acupuncture, Active Release Technique, Kinesio-taping, and courses in graston technique.

Currently Helmut focuses his efforts at Oak Ridges Foot Clinic and continues to practice at clinics in Don Mills, Keswick and Timmins.

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